Imaging Technology Solutions

Developing advanced Machine Vision applications requires extensive, comprehensive programming skills.  The developer must be skilled and efficient in the programming environments and knowledgeable in the methods of software architecture, debugging, and optimization to achieve a flawless deployment.  Additionally, the developer must know and understand machine vision and image processing.  ITS has developed many software solutions that require all of these traits.  Let our experience and knowledge help you quickly and effectively deploy your next machine vision application.  Our mission is to save you time and money.

ITS has highly skilled software specialists in multiple machine vision software environments, some of which are described in the links below:


 Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)


Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) 


Matrox Design Assistant (DA)



For more information on 3D:   3D Software


SOLUTIONS that work for you:  We can meet your needs with a customized tool without having to buy expensive software that requires a high level of training and ongoing costs.