Imaging Technology Solutions

Design Assistant


Matrox Design Assistant (DA) is an integrated development environment where machine vision applications are created by constructing a flowchart instead of writing traditional program code. In addition to building a flowchart, DA enables users to directly design a graphical operator interface to the application.

Flowchart and operator interface design are performed within the DA hosted on a PC running Microsoft® Windows® . A flowchart is visually put together using a step-by-step approach, where each step is taken from an existing toolbox and is configured interactively. The toolbox includes steps for image analysis and processing, communication, flow-control, and I/O. Outputs from one step, which can be images and/or alphanumeric results, are easily linked to the appropriate inputs of any other step. Results from image analysis and processing steps can be displayed or communicated to a PLC or some other device.

In addition to flowchart design, Matrox Design Assistant enables the creation of a custom, web-based operator interface to the application through an integrated HTML visual editor. Users alter an existing template using a choice of annotations (graphics and text), inputs (edit boxes, control buttons and image markers) and outputs (original or derived results, and status indicators). A filmstrip view is also available to keep track of, and navigate to, previously analyzed images. The operator interface can be further customized using a third-party HTML editor.

Matrox Design Assistant can be used with a Matrox Iris GT smart camera or in emulation mode. The latter allows for the design and testing of a flowchart and the creation of an operator interface without the need to be connected to a smart camera. Matrox Design Assistant's emulation mode is used to enable parallel project work, resulting in greater development efficiency.

Matrox Design Assistant can also be used in a PC environment utilizing the latest technology of GigE and USB3 cameras.