Imaging Technology Solutions

In the world of machine vision and image processing, many decisions a consumer must make regarding cameras, hardware, software, calibration, and analysis.  Having the time to decipher and understand the technology options is more often a more daunting task than actually implementing a solution.  Additionally, the technology is ever-changing with new options and lower cost alternatives rolling out every month.  With years of experience, Imaging Technology Solutions has a clear understanding of what is currently available to help you solve your tasks.

At Imaging Technology Solutions, we consider the help we provide our customers to be our most important product. Yes, we do create and resell many component level products including lighting, lensing, cameras, cables, computer systems, software, smart cameras, and more, but we make our living solving engineering tasks in nearly every vision field imaginable: Industrial, Medical, Military, Commercial, and R&D.

ITS also builds and specifies point products such as camera-based inspection workstations. We offer turn-key smart camera and line scan camera based solutions, extreme environment products, and more.